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The student curriculum “A Promise for Tomorrow” presents a positive look at how students can help friends who may be depressed or having suicidal thoughts. This curriculum aims to provide information and strategies needed to be a lifesaving influence. The program is designed to be used within a school’s current Health and Wellness program for grades 7-12.

The 2022 revision is based on a two-lesson format (instead of a 3-5 lesson format) for the traditional high school schedule of 50-to-60-minute classes. These can be presented as two separate lessons or back-to-back to accommodate an extended block class of 90 minutes or longer. The curriculum content is delivered via DVD with facilitator-led sections to reiterate information and lead discussion.

Each lesson provides a script for the facilitator to introduce sections and facilitate discussion. Lesson one presents Facts, Myths, Risk Factors, and Warning Signs with discussion questions interspersed. Lesson two features a series of short vignettes showcasing issues that young people face.  They are intended to springboard discussion when the students are separated into smaller groups.

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